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Smart Copy 3.1

Smart Copy is a DOS-based tool that can split any big files into small pieces
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Smart Copy is a handy DOS based program that enables its user to split any data or media file into pieces. You may be facing problems while transferring big media files from one PC to another because of their big size. Smart Copy can help you in splitting any file into desired number of pieces of desired sizes. You can use the inbuilt browser and your arrow keys to locate the file you wish to split. The guide will help you through the entire process, you just have to read it and follow. It's so easy to use.

- DOS-based handy tool that can run on any PC.
- Split any data or media file into pieces for emailing or sharing.
- Set the desired size for every piece of the file according to the transfer method available, like for a CD you can set every piece to be less than 700 MB.
- Paste feature to re-joint the pieces made from a big file (re-combining the splatted file).
- Very small size program that can be emailed or shared easily.
- You can boot with this software to split and save important but big files in case of a system crash.
- You can mail the Smart Copy along with the split files to recreate the original file.
- Use all the 26 drive letters from removable to permanent drives.
- You can use CTRL+BREAK or ESC to stop any process of the Smart Copy.
- The shareware version allows you to split files up to 3 MB.

jasminder singh
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  • Very useful for transferring extremely big files


  • It's not free
  • The DOS-based interface can confuse beginners
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